That is how I say it.
Moonbats worry about everything and they argue about everything, they are always amusing when they aren't being disgusting.

tomato, tomahto

mycritters2 (1000+ posts) Thu Aug-21-08 10:27 PM
Original message
Why do military people all seem to mispronounce "Eye-rack"?
Advertisements [?]It seems like people who've been there would pronounce it correctly, but I'm listening to yet another military guy on KO, and he pronounces it Eye-rack, too. What's with that?

resident genious

Cleita (1000+ posts) Thu Aug-21-08 10:28 PM
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1. Most of those guys seem to be southerners. Is it because of their accent?

I think DUmmy means a hard "G"

Cid_B (20 posts) Fri Aug-22-08 02:39 AM
Response to Reply #25
27. Theres a G..
in sergeant as well but I've never heard it.

question everything (1000+ posts) Thu Aug-21-08 10:31 PM
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3. Many mis prounounce it, and since there are more "Obama people"
than there are Hillary's - certainly on the media, I would say that Obama people mis pronounce it. Now, doesn't it sound silly?

Why not go outside, shout to the world that you hate Hillary, throw in Bill for good measure and find something else to worry about?

delete_bush (1000+ posts) Thu Aug-21-08 10:32 PM
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4. Could it be a subconscious
Edited on Thu Aug-21-08 10:33 PM by delete_bush
way to dehumanize the people of Iraq. ???

Makes the real person seem more like a video game. Easier to kill that way.
Ah, a teacher.

drthais (765 posts) Thu Aug-21-08 11:20 PM
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20. I'll tell you why...
its' because anyone with two brain cells to rub together
has already been kicked out by this administration
and the only people left are those who think it's 'EYE-RACK'
I open all of my university classes
with the correct pronunciation of "Iraq"
because I don't want my students to sound like idiots....
And now we know!

HughBeaumont (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-22-08 05:35 AM
Response to Reply #29
31. (h)e-ROK.
Edited on Fri Aug-22-08 05:36 AM by HughBeaumont
EYE-rack is a combo of relocated Crawford Caligula dialect and Faux News viewer pidgin.