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  1. #1 Why Was Everyone Angry At Lisa Murkowski? 
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    Seriously. I mean, yes she should have been gracious in defeat in the primary but didn't we applaud Lieberman when he chose to run as an Independent when he was defeated in the primary? Am I happy with her? No but I certainly don't blame her.
    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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    I have no problem with Murkowski, but that is primarily because I don't live in Alaska and therefore don't have any say on how they run their elections.
    That said I largely disagree with this 2 party primary driven horse manure anyway.
    Get rid of the primaries and let all who can submit a petition based on a percentage of the voters in the last gubernatorial election be placed on the ballet.
    On election day for Federal office, the one with the most votes wins
    This would take the elections out of the hands of the party and put them back into the hands of the people, where it belongs anyway.
    Now if a similar situation happened in Michiganistanovia where I do live, my issue would be that it could possibly pull enough votes away in a close race to return either Carl Lenin, er Levin, or Debbie Stab me now to the senate much the same way Perot pulled enough to put Clinton into office. But if we follow what I mentioned above, where there could be 4 (D)'s, 3 (R)'s and a smattering of others, it actually gives the voters a choice, minimizes the money impact and overall reduces special interest and party favorite advantages.
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