Mom Upset About 12-yr Old Daughter's Full Body Security Scan Experience

The TSA calls them another weapon in the fight against terrorism. The machines are meant to detect a wide range of threats.

But even children could be picked by an agent to move through one, which doesn't sit well with Michelle Nemphos of Cockeysville.

Her 12-year-old daughter, whom she did not want to appear on camera, was at Tampa International Airport on vacation with a family friend when a TSA officer chose her.

"It's an image of a nude child that they're seeing. This is child pornography whether people want to believe this or not. How is this any different,"...
Airport body scanners reveal all, but what about when it's your kid?

I found this online which gives this mom's true story: ABC 2 did not report the parts about the girl being taken away from the adults she was traveling with (her parents were not with her) and the TSA forcing her into the scan and not giving her any other option. The TSA violated their own policy that says they will not remove a child from the adults they are with. This is disgusting if you ask me.

Also now the TSA is advertising for their workers on pizza boxes:

They gloat over the fact that they get to have "x-ray vision" as part of the perks.

More people need to wake up