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    ===Welcome to Jihadchatonline. There are 4 people in the room===
    Mullah O: Salaam, my Ikwan!
    Dr. AZ: Salaam
    CAIR Package: Salaam
    OBL: Salaam, Omar. What's up?
    Mullah O: ROFLOF, my brothers. TSA must stand for Those Stupid Americans!
    Dr. AZ: LOL.
    OBL: No kidding. I'm loving this.
    Mullah O: Have you been following the news about it? Americans are up in arms. They may give up flying completely.
    CAIR Package: Tell me about it. And the best part is that they are doing it to themselves. We put one jihadtard on a plane with explosive shoes, and they make everyone walk through the airport barefoot. We come up with explosive underwear for one guy, and they make everyone submit to a groping! How funny is that?
    Dr. AZ: This is better than 9/11!
    OBL: Hey!
    Mullah O: Chillax, my brother. 9/11 was awesome, but let's face it, this is pretty cool. The infidels are getting completely fed up with useless, intrusive security measures that don't actually make them safer, and they may demand that they stop it completely. Then it's back to business as usual.
    OBL: Nice. But what if they actually stop a real terrorist?
    CAIR Package: Never happen. We issued a fatwa that women in hijabs shouldn't submit. The only people that they *can't* check are the ones most likely to carry something.
    OBL: ROFLOL! I love it!
    Mullah O: So, what's next?
    Dr. AZ: What do you mean?
    Mullah O: We can't stop now. We have to ratchet this up. I want the infidels to have to fly naked!
    Dr. AZ: You are so bad.
    OBL: LOL
    CAIR Package: LOL!!!
    OBL: How about a suppository bomb? With the fuse sticking out of someones ass? The scanners won't catch that!
    Dr. AZ: Brilliant! ROFLOL! They'll have to do full body cavity searches on everyone!
    Mullah O: I love it! I'll get AQEngineer on it! Can you see the looks on their faces when sombody tries to light an ass fuse?
    CAIR Package: I'll get the next fatwa ready. No Muslim can submit to such an intrusive search. It violates our rights!
    OBL: ROFLOL!!!
    Mullah O: Stop! You're killing me!
    Dr. AZ: No, we're killing the infidels!!!
    Mullah O: LOL!!!
    ===CAIR Package has left the room===
    ===Mullah O has left the room===
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