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  1. #1 German “Flesh Mob” Strips in Airport to Protest of TSA Body Scanners 
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    I don’t know about anybody else, but I am totally against the TSA body scanners for civil libertarian reasons. We know who it is that causes these security failures in our airports. Either we be realistic about the issue, or we continue to create inconveniences for ourselves. We can’t bring a certain amount of liquid in planes, we have to through so many checks and searches.

    Melissa Clouthier of @MelissaTweets on Twitter said: “I think people should protest the #TSA by stripping naked.” The tweet heard around the world!

    The Pirate Party of Germany has had enough. They took it upon themselves to protest the nanny state and these idiotic scanners by stripping at the airport while handing out pamphlets against these scanners. The flesh mob!

    The protesters marked their bodies with a number of messages such as,
    “Something to hide?” and “Be a good citizen — drop your pants.”
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