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  1. #1 "Mexico's War On Our Border: Eleven Zetas Killed on Mexican Side of Falcon Lake " 
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    11 Zetas Killed on Mexican Side of Falcon Lake

    Authorities are reporting that 11 members of the drug cartel los Zetas are dead and two more are behind bars following an intense battle on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake. Mexico's Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the gun battle took place on the Mexican side of Falcon Dam in Nueva Ciudad Guerrero Wednesday afternoon.

    Zetas Capture Mexican Soldiers in Ciudad Mier

    CIUDAD MIER, MEXICO - A new Mexican troop buildup in Mier has to do with five Mexican Army soldiers captured by the Zetas.

    This is according to Gary J. Hale, the former Chief of Intelligence for the Drug Enforcement Agency in Houston.

    He says the Zetas didn't just capture those soldiers on Monday but they also killed four more soldiers. He says the Mexican military is going into Mier tonight partly as payback.

    "For the Zetas to go to the point of attacking a military unit tells you they are dead set for that territory," said Hale.
    The gun battles are more fiery and deadly in the little Mexican town of Mier just feet from the U.S. border. The Zetas are fighting the Gulf Cartel and the military is fighting them both.

    "Four soldiers were killed and others were taken captive," he says.
    Gary Hale says he is getting that information from sources on the ground in Mier.

    He spent more than three decades in the intelligence community. He now owns a think tank called Grupo Savant in Houston.

    Hale says three reasons will make the battle for Mier even more deadly in the coming days. The area is strategic because it's the gateway to the drug highway from Monterrey.

    "Monterrey is a critical juncture you can access Eagle Pass, Brownsville, Matamoros, Reynosa, McAllen. You can access all of those cities," says Hale.

    The cartels know the Rio Grande near Mier is their friend. Hale says neither the Gulf Cartel or the Zetas could end up controlling Mier or area all along the border from Falcon Dam to Camargo.

    "All of that territory belonged to Sinaloa. It was usurped by a long war in Nuevo Laredo," he says. "At the end of the day when the smoke clears, the Sinaloa Cartel could dominate the territory."

    Hale says the Gulf Cartel fought for the Mier area of the border from 2003 to 2007, but this year the Gulf needed Sinaloa's help to fight off the Zetas. He says we may know as early as next week if the Zetas can hold off two enemies from the territory they are determined to control.
    In the mean time,...right on schedule...
    Obama Administration Plans to Pull Back National Guard From Much of the Border
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