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  1. #1 Brazilian National Dish Feijoada - Say "feshwada" 
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    The feijoada - pronounced "feshwada" .Its a black bean,pork,beef,pigs trotters the Brazilian
    national dish.

    This stuff is really heavy and should be eaten in moderation and make sure that you mash the frijoles negro or you will be sorry in the morning.

    Here you can make it yourself !

    Feijoada recipe, Eat brazilian!

    The Brazilian Feijoada is the Brazil undisputed national dish. It is a recipe of beanstew with rice and porc meat. Different garniture is used in different parts of Brazil, but usually include “farofa” (mandioca, a root from the rainforest, mixed with maize flour and oil. Sometimes bacon…)

    Originally feijoada was made using every part of the pig, such as ears, tails, and nose floating among the beans. As this upsets tourists, a version of it is made especially with them in mind only using the fine meat parts of the pig.

    The origin of the feijoada runs back to the sixteenth century with the introduction of slaves in Brazil. Slaves were used for many things, cotton production, cocoa production, rubber and with the goldrush boom for extraction of dimonds and mine digging.

    The culinary culture of Africa was mixed with the European food traditions. The African slaves had the basic bean stew, the Portuguese added the linguiça (sausage), and the Indians added the farofa (toasted manioc flour). The result was a particularly "heavy" dish wich lasted long and gave the workers the energy they needed, the feijoada!

    Today the feijoadas are widely famous in Brazil and most restaurants has a special day they serve this nutritious meal. Also outside of brazil the different feijoadas are receiving word as delicious recipes! And I must admit that I never miss a chance to get me a real traditional national dish of Brazil when I’m out travelling.

    The problem can be to find the right ingredients outside of Brazil. This is usually solved by exchanging the missing products with something similar.

    Because of the “heavy” consistence of the famous beanstew recipe, Brazilians believe that drinking some caipirinha helps reduce the unhealthy effects. Otherwise, the recommended activity after this culinary treat is a nap =).

    An ordinary family in Rio de Janeiro has feijoada at least once a month, aswell as for special occasions such as christmas food recipes, birthdays dinners or easter eating.

    Included here is the recipe of of a traditional dinner for 10-15 people:
    1 lb. black beans
    1 lb. smoked ham hocks
    1 of each: pork foot, ear, tail, tongue
    1 lb. Mexican "chorizo," "pepperoni" or
    Brazilian "linguica"
    1/2 lb. Chunk of lean Canadian bacon or
    Brazilian "carne seca"
    1/2 lb. Smoked pork or beef ribs
    3-4 strips of smoked bacon
    1/2 lb. lean pork
    1/2 lb. lean beef
    1 large onion
    4 garlic cloves
    2 tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil
    1 tablespoon vinegar
    salt to taste
    black pepper
    hot sauce (optional)
    How to prepare feijoada:
    Soak beans overnight in large container. Next morning, cook beans for 4-5 hours at low heat. Place ham hocks, chorizo, ribs and Canadian bacon in deep pan with plenty of water and bring to a boil. Change water and bring to a new boil, repeating the procedure at least three times to tenderize cured meats and remove excess fat.

    In a large frying pan saut‚ onion and garlic using either vegetable or olive oil (smoked bacon strips optional) for two or three minutes. Toss in cubed pork and beef. Saut‚ an additional two-three minutes.

    Mash 5-10 tablespoons of beans and add to large pot. The resulting paste will thicken sauce. Add two tablespoons of olive oil, three garlic cloves all chopped-up or mashed, along with a tablespoon of white vinegar and a teaspoon of red-hot pepper. Stir, heat over medium fire for two-three minutes, then transfer to contents of frying pan. (You may use two frying pans, if necessary)

    Let simmer for l0-l5 minutes. Add contents of frying pan(s) to the beans and let boil at medium heat for 1-2 hours.

    Serve over rice, with additional red-hot sauce, if desired.
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    Hey, thanks for this. I need more recipes for a crowd as football Sundays are coming up!

    I'll try this minus 1 of each: pork foot, ear, tail, tongue , the rest looks good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patriot45 View Post
    Hey, thanks for this. I need more recipes for a crowd as football Sundays are coming up!

    I'll try this minus 1 of each: pork foot, ear, tail, tongue , the rest looks good.

    You had better throw a few porkchops in to make up the differance.And while you are at it buy a few big jars of that Philosec or what ever you take for heartburn.

    Better buy a few spray cans of bathroom deoderant as well for this stuff really can generates Intestinal Gas !And for GOD'S sake make sure they mash the beans before they eat them !Set up a few large room floor fans to cycle the air !
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