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    Enhanced Pat-Downs and Latex Gloves — How Often do Screeners Change Them?

    Anyone who has visited a fast food joint, a doctor’s office or a hospital has watched as workers change gloves between servings or exams. And if they don’t, the customer/patient would surely say something. How often do the TSA agents doing the “enhanced pat-downs” change gloves? And would most cowed flyers who just want to make it through security and advance to their gate ask them to do so? Or would passengers fear that such a request would invite more enhanced scrutiny?
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    I was also curious about this.
    I doubt they take the time to change them between sexual assaults and I don't know if it can be requested that they do.
    If they do not change them, not only is it possible to spread germs and bacteria from one victim to another, it is also quite possible for a terrorist to take advantage of them not changing gloves to spread potential CBW agants to passengers.

    Not the least in this equation, there are a number of people that have allergies to latex and in rare instances those could be fatal.

    If you have a latex allergy what do you do? Carry a note from your doctor?
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