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  1. #1 US man slips into perv scanner-busting undies 
    US man slips into perv scanner-busting undies

    Tungsten fig leaves invite drooling TSA operatives to cop a feel

    By Lester Haines • Get more from this author

    Posted in Bootnotes, 23rd November 2010 10:58 GMT

    US firm Rocky Flats Gear is apparently doing a roaring trade in novel perv scanner-busting underwear - an attractive range of intimate apparel which may protect your naughty bits from radiation and the prying eyes of drooling airport security operatives.

    According to the blurb, the kit's main aim is "protecting the traveling public, airline, medical, and security professionals from radiation generated by security and medical imaging equipment".

    Boxer shorts and panties with strategically-placed fig leaf and clasped hands

    Colorado-based inventor Jeff Buske reckons demand for the tungsten-lined undies is a result of the "inevitable backlash" against the Transportation Security Administration's rapid roll-out of body scanners in the wake of the Xmas Day non-exploding underpants outrage.

    The former designer of X-ray machines for General Electric is convinced the scanners aren't safe, despite TSA claims, and told the LA Times that he "designed the undergarments with safety in mind".

    Of course, Joe Public may have a more immediate concern than exposure to radiation - exposure to TSA eyeballs and possibly the entire planet.


    TSA spokesman Nico Melendez explained to the LA Times: "If there is an anomaly that needs to be resolved, a pat-down would occur."
    The Register
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    Quote Originally Posted by KOMO
    DENVER (AP) - It's a special kind of underwear - with a strategically placed fig leaf design - and a Colorado man says it'll get you through the airport screeners with your dignity intact.
    KOMO News link

    Something positive out of Colorado for a change..... :D Is this was Gingersnap was working on at her lab that is top secret?

    Picture at link btw....
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    Derp.....I mean Dupe. :p
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