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    The Princeton Committee on Palestine has sponsored a referendum in next week’s USG elections that asks Dining Services to sell an alternative to Sabra hummus in all its retail locations on campus.

    The Strauss Group and PepsiCo each own 50 percent of Sabra Dipping Company.

    In August, Philly Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, a Philadelphia group that encourages activism against Israel, released an open letter calling for a boycott of Sabra for the same reason. ...

    Hmm, a new era of student protest, it's just like the sixties.
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    “Does ‘offer an alternative to’ mean an ‘alternative in addition to’ or ‘instead of’ Sabra?” asked Addie Lerner ’11, a vice president of Tigers For Israel.

    “We’re all for consumer choice and multiple brands sold alongside Sabra, but we’re against a boycott and singling out Sabra for being an Israeli company affiliated with the IDF,” she said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bijou View Post

    Hmm, a new era of student protest, it's just like the sixties.
    Much Ado About Hummus !
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    This dish is a "traditional Arab food" in the same way butter is a "traditional Swiss food".

    Butter and butter folklore are ubiquitous throughout Europe (and other places) and can't be considered the special possession of any cuisine or ethnic group.

    The same thing is true of hummus. Wherever chickpeas and sesame reside, there is hummus and that means a huge chunk of land encompassing a bewildering number of cultures and religions.
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    Sabra is the only brand of hummus I like so it looks like I'll be buying more!
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