thunder rising (1000+ posts) Sat Aug-23-08 06:30 AM
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Obama campaign has a traitor. A weasel that must be eliminated now.
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Whoever it was that leaked the VP selection has to go. Fucking low life whore in our camp.

I am starting this campaign to get rid of the media mole due to the patronizing view that the traditional media is ENTITLED to the information first. Fuck the legacy new sources. They have not done anything to deserve first notice of anything. This, as in the game of espionage, creates a "turned" person that can be blackmailed for the duration of that persons tenure in politics. So, whoever it was, has had his or her 15 minutes, and now must go find another job, since they cannot be trusted with even trivial information.

Lastly, having this rather trivial information leaked is a disgusting way to start a campaign.

So, find that person and kick them to the curb.