" I Hope some day these liberals who complain about Arab profiling are Faced with an mad Islamic bomber !"

The headline and lead paragraph of Jerusalem correspondent Janine Zacharia's Nov. 27 article might lead readers of the Washington Post to believe that they're about to find out why many in the aviation industry consider Israel's screening of passengers the gold standard in airport security measures.
--Sometimes, Zacharia complains, a Muslim-sounding name is enough to trigger extra screening.

As an example, she cites the experience of Donna Shalalah. an American of Lebanese descent.She was questioned for more than 2 hours at Ben-Gurion Airport because of her Arab name.
They also are subjected to body and bag searches more frequently than Jewish passengers." Rank discrimination, wouldn't you know it.

As a prime example of Arab profiling, Zacharia points to the experience of Hunaida Ghanem, an Israeli Arab "with a PhD from Hebrew University and a postdoctoral degree from Harvard."
This, whether Zacharia realizes it or not, actually gets her into espousing reverse profiling -- that people with advanced degrees ought to be able to show up at airports, wave their diplomas, and be passed through without further ado.

But there's a slight problem with exempting passengers with sterling academic pedigrees.

Ayman Al Zawahiri, a leading Al-Qaeda planner of 9/11, graduated from Cairo University with a master's degree in surgery.

Mohammed Atta, who crashed one of the planes into the World Trade Center, held degrees in architecture from Cairo University and in urban planning from the Technical University of Hamburg.

Zacarias Moussaoui, another 9/11 terrorist, graduated from London's South Bank University with a master's in international business.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, reputedly the mastermind of 9/11, earned a degree in mechanical engineering from North Carolina's Agricultural and Technical State University.

Janine Zacharia
The American Thinker has criticized Zacharia for promoting an "anti-Israel" and "pro-Hamas" bias. Leo Rennert claimed Zacharia's "assertion that Israel banned school supplies from entering Gaza" as part of its on-going blockade was "patently false." According to Rennert, in the first quarter of 2010 Israel delivered "250 truckloads" of summer camp supplies, including a swimming pool. Rennert also condemned Zacharia for her "total silence about any failings by Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority"