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    I admit one of my favorite shows on FNC is Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. It grows on you, like syphilis. In addition to the unofficial fan site, there's also a twitter cult, usually found under the hashtag #RedEye. It's a bacchanal of bad ideas and innuendo, but sometimes you can find Big Hollywood contributor Ezra Dulis, Congressman Thad McCotter, or PJTV contributor Stephen Kruiser hanging out and braving the night with us sometimes with drinks in hand. :) (and if you follow them, tell them @ComrieQuinn sent you!)

    But now what gets me is... there's a glenn beck twitter cult. I know someone on the forum has to be following this... fess up.

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    I didn't even know that Twitter cults existed until now. Where do you get the time for this kind of thing? :D
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