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  1. #1 Key Republican says there's 'no doubt' new leadership needed at FCC 
    Key Republican says there's 'no doubt' new leadership needed at FCC
    By Sara Jerome - 11/30/10 05:12 PM ET

    The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) net-neutrality effort suggests the agency needs to replace its top leadership, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said in an interview with The Hill on Tuesday.

    Blackburn, a member of the House Communications subcommittee, noted expectations that the commission will unveil nearly 80 pages of Internet line regulations as soon as Tuesday night.

    "There is no doubt they need new leadership at the FCC," she said, describing the end-of-year effort as a "scramble."

    Blackburn said Republicans will work to block net-neutrality rules whether the FCC justifies them under Title I of the Communications Act or the more onerous Title II.

    "We pledge to do our part to make sure the Internet stays free and open so that innovators and content creators don't have to go to the FCC for permission to create and innovate on the next generation of technologies," she said.

    Blackburn has authored legislation blocking net-neutrality in the past she said hearings and a bill are two ways Republicans can halt the FCC. Opposition to net neutrality includes some Democrats, which could help a potential bill through the Senate, she added.

    Blackburn also criticized big telecommunications companies for pushing the FCC to resolve the net-neutrality issue through new rules. AT&T, for instance, has engaged closely with the FCC on the issue.

    "I think it is sad they would trade freedom for certainty of policy," she said.
    The Hill
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    yes...yes there is. the FCC is full of morons that can't get out of their own way and kiss the ass of the president and allowed the fucking bullshit Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act a pass. plus haven't done shit about Comcasts and the other ISP's that want to tier internet service
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    The Internet is certainly in for some trouble

    If we lose net neutrality, it might be the end of CU!
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