This Chili Pepper Is 270 Times Hotter Than a Jalapeño

Chili farmer Gerald Fowler, who is, inexplicably, English, has grown the hottest chili pepper in the world: The Naga Viper, which, at 1,359,000 on the heat-measuring Scoville scale, is 270 times hotter than a jalapeño

Jalapeno 2500-5000 ,Habanero,Scotch Bonnet 100,000-350,000 ..Scoville units
‘It's painful to eat... It's hot enough to strip paint.

‘It numbs your tongue, then burns all the way down. It can last an hour, and you just don't want to talk to anyone or do anything. But it's a marvellous endorphin rush. It makes you feel great.

"You Have to be Shi*ting me,It makes you feel great ? And when you move your bowels the tears return and pain comes back times a thousand !" :eek: