Ok, so I'm new here, and this seems like a decent enough first thread to test the waters

So, what are you looking for in 2012? What do you want out of either Obama or the Republican Presidential nominee? Here's what I want

1. Get the economy under control. I mean duh, this is the major issue for almost everybody. And no, I don't want my taxes raised to do it. Cut spending....period. I'd rather my children and grandchildren not live in a thrid world nation

2. I don't want to die in a terrorist attack. Keep me safe. However, I want you to be smart about it. I'm perfectly fine with using slightly less than ethical means(racial profiling, waterboarding, etc), but I don't want it to be a damn waste of time and money(TSA "enhanced patdowns"

3. Secure the borders. I don't believe illegal immigrants are criminals or terrorists or anything like that. I can completely understand the desire to live here and I'm not gonna fault anybody for it. But the sad reality is that we simply cannot have millions of undocumented workers not paying taxes(which wouldn't be a problem if we had the Fair Tax, but that's another argument). I would be perfectly fine with increased national guard, possibly even private security force, along the border

And that's it. I didn't go into much detail, but those are the three things I want. Notice I didn't say anything about social issues. If the republicans are smart, neither will they.

So..what do you want?