You have the big two wars of the 20th Century (for us anyway)--WWII and Vietnam--but it seems like both the Korean War, and it's veterans have been sort of forgotten in comparison. Why is this? It was a brutal conflict, of a similar nature to Vietnam, yet you know which of those two is remembered by "popular history." Sure, it was not a conflict on the grand scale of World War II, but the men who fought in Korea were veterans just as much as any other veteran, and were brave men, and they should get more recognition.

Also, why did Vietnam so divide America? It seems like that it is one of the defining historical notes of both the 1960s and 1970s...I think the media used it to push an anti-American agenda, to be honest. The media and the Hippies are what made us ''lose.'' I personally believe Vietnam was a worthy cause that should have gotten more support.