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    Quote Originally Posted by Wei Wu Wei View Post
    I have no intention of changing that.
    Outstanding. Good for you, seriously.

    Might be a good idea not to call anyone here "butthurt", though, especially the person who I think you're referring to.

    Just sayin.
    nie vergessen, nie verzeihen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wei Wu Wei View Post
    Political correctness is garbage.

    Even those with good intentions need to realize that their motives for espousing the ideal of 'tolerance' are misguided, whatever woe they are trying to alleviate is not an effect of "intolerance". This is only turning well-intentioned people into a bunch of tools.

    Also, sometimes 'intolerance' is a good thing. Some things should not be tolerated.
    Tolerance is a permissible amount of deviation from a target. The question becomes what we, whether as individuals or as a society, determine those limits to be.
    The homosexual man or woman that works with me and does not use their sexual status as the defining characteristic of who they are is within my tolerance limits. Folsom street fair exhibitionists are not.
    We have seen how some so called zero tolerance policies have gone off the charts in their unreasonableness and sometimes outright stupidity, think students suspended for even drawing a picture of a gun, while open limit tolerance has had its own disasters like no-fault divorce and teenage pregnancy.
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    A great example for this thread....the link tries to sell you on "don't bully gays" which I agree what happened to the young people that committed suicide is very sad....then they have to throw in the gay rights bullshit...
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