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  1. #1 Tentacle-Like Prosthetic Arm Is a Cthuloid Nightmare 
    Tentacle-Like Prosthetic Arm Is a Cthuloid Nightmare

    * By Charlie Sorrel Email Author
    * December 9, 2010 |
    * 7:13 am |

    Kaylene Kauís prosthetic arm is either a sweet modern update of the old-fashioned pirateís hook, or a terrifying device that will turn its wearer into a Cthuloid-human mongrel. I favor the former, if only because I want to sleep at night.

    The prosthesis is designed not to be a prehensile limb, but instead as an assistive appendage for the good arm. A simple motor drives two cables inside the tentacle, and the wearer controls it via a pair of switches on the upper section. Just put the ďarmĒ in place, hit the switch and it curls around whatever you might want to carry. The other switch unfurls the arm.

    Itís not Dean Kamenís astonishing robot arm, but then it would also be a lot cheaper, and therefore available to many more people. And if a pirate were to swap this in for his current, eye-gouging hook setup, heíd certainly be keeping to an oceanic theme.
    Very cool.

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    Very cool. Much more creative than a replacement ape arm
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