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MU Med School Leaders Denounce Cat "Recipe"

Reported by ; Parker Leppien Posted by ; Adrianna Amato

COLUMBIA - A spokesman for the MU School of Medicine said in a written response Wednesday the school will begin reviewing material published in an internal newsletter of the surgery department after that newsletter contained a recipe for "Kung Pao Kitten," an apparent joke that has angered some readers. The "recipe" was published in the MU Department of Surgery's December staff newsletter, Staff Spotlight. The recipe was one of two "Recipes of the Month" included in the newsletter. The newsletter is sent to about 90 staff members in the surgery department, according to MU School of Medicine spokesperson Rich Gleba.

In an e-mail, Gleba told KOMU, "This material was included in an internal newsletter produced by and for staff of the surgery department. The material is inappropriate and insensitive, and the staff member responsible for sending the it apologized minutes after it was distributed. Leaders were not involved in reviewing content for this staff newsletter, but they will review content of any future staff newsletters."

The e-mail stated the newsletter also contains birthdays and fitness tips. Gleba refused an on-camera interview and would not make anyone else available for an interview.
Not only are people becoming more humorless, it's obvious that they are becoming stupider as well.