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  1. #1 DOTY Candidate says America dissolves within the year 
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    nadinbrzezinski (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-12-10 04:36 PM
    Original message
    Another trend I missed, but to be added
    well over the last week I have been told repeatedly that my trend spotting (technical term) is an actual support of a revolution. For the record it is not.

    Let's make this clear.

    But if this projection of personal fears (of a revolution) or desires (of a revolution) onto analytical posts is more than just isolated it could reach a social tipping point. For this I recommend you read Gladwell's The Tipping Point.

    Now let me explain why is this important?

    Dramatic social change does not come from the ether... and the desire for that dramatic social change, like all movements, requires little things, that in the aggregate speak of a society ready for that change. Before any major social change there are signs and symtoms that it is happening, that there is a zeitgeist shift, a paradigm shift. For things like the American Revolution it took about fifteen years. Suffice it to say some citizens felt they were still british even after the ink dried in the Paris Peace Treaty.

    But this projection is part of those trends. It is hard as hell to spot. In fact in primary sources of the Revolution you can sort off see it in the pamphlets of the day... but the actual people projecting fears and desires is not easy to spot.

    So look around, see if there are OTHER places where people are projecting their fears \ desires. And for those of you who are both fearful and who hope for one... here is where we are in the real world.

    We passed the riot stage...

    We are right now at the Civil Disobedience\ Public Protest stage. This is where most social conflicts end. Why? Those in power, the power elites, realize that they pushed a little too hard, to they essentially give in. Oh and this is NOT the XVI century when this stage came with actual popular uprisings, the worst of which was the Jacqerie. We are a tad more sophisticated than that. In my mind that is a good thing too.

    Now let's play a percentage game on this because there are a couple things that will change this very NORMAL dynamic.

    Will the Empire Collapse? Absolutely all do. Within my lifetime? 100% assured.

    Within the next ten years... IMHO over 80% assured, the trends are there.

    Within the next five years... IMHO in the high 60s.

    Within the next year... if all things come tighter, and that includes the party of no playing it's role... in the fifties.

    With this lead to more social dislocation? Is the Pope Catholic? That is what raises the specter of a civil war, imho and dissolution to the high 50s. No, it is not exactly a revolution. Civil Wars are not civil by the way, and we may have localized revolutions after this is well under way. At that point, see the USSR. all bets are off for about six months to a year.

    Will we have an honest to goodness take to the streets, revolution? You know what Glen Beck keeps promising us but it never gets here? ok there is always odds of that, but IMHO it is somewhere between 5-10%... perhaps even lower than 5% at THIS TIME. See Empire Collapse that might rise in some REGIONS...

    But the fact that people are projecting their own fears\desires is an important marker that I missed.

    So thank you. I will keep paying attention to things like that.
    nadinbrzezinski (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-12-10 04:41 PM
    Response to Reply #1
    2. Absolutely and Americans are actually proud of
    not knowing their history.

    Or for that matter any history... that is what elites do...

    As one of my instructors once put it, cynically so... the day we learn from history is the day we are all put out of business. Don't worry within two generations at most we will be back in business. Humans are just too stupid to learn...
    Mike 03 (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-12-10 04:45 PM
    Response to Reply #2
    3. Wonderful comment
    Although I am not sure I agree that Americans are "elite," I agree completely that there is an absurd pride we have in our ignorance because it permits us to get away with total apathy.

    I appreciate your intellect. It is very challenging, but so often true.
    nadinbrzezinski (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-12-10 04:52 PM
    Response to Reply #5
    7. Absolutely and it comes from the fringes
    EVERY TIME... and everybody misses it every time.

    Why I give it some odds. But at this time they remain low.

    At this time it as high as it's gotten in seventy years... aka the great depression... that was scary enough though.

    Oh and due to what is happening I will not lay odds as to what extreme would start it. Even if the obvious suspect are in the RW militias. They are the same place for the civil war by the way, and that is higher odds.

    The self loathing these people have for their country never ceases to amaze.
    In most sports, cold-cocking an opposing player repeatedly in the face with a series of gigantic Slovakian uppercuts would get you a multi-game suspension without pay.

    In hockey, it means you have to sit in the penalty box for five minutes.
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    Obama, the president they wanted & voted for & defended, is in power. What are they railing against?
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    The Zbigniew primitive's been hitting the summhon again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m00 View Post
    Obama, the president they wanted & voted for & defended, is in power. What are they railing against?
    Maybe it indicates the loss of "hope." :D
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