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  1. #1 My Congressman is retiring. How about yours? 
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    Rep. Pete Hoekstra is retiring this year.

    Sent him an email today thanking him for the good years he put into Congress. He endorses his replacement, so I'm hoping he'll be just as good.

    How many of you are losing Congressmen? And is it a good or bad thing?
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    Pete will run for a higher office-Senate, perhaps. He should wait and see which Senator he wants to take on. Debbie is the weaker of the two with the constituency, and she's up in 2012. But Carl Levin might retire in 2014, so that would be an even easier way to win, because the dems don't really have anyone to replace him at this point. Granholm might run, but I think Pete could easily beat her.

    Sandy Levin just got re-elected. He's my congressman.
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