Southern Border Chessboard Involves Iran/Venezuela/Russia...Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

The Venezuelan links to Iran, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are no secret. This is just another trail that links Moscow to Al Qaeda via one of their proxies”. As I have said and repeated many times on radio and in articles that Russia and China are not our friends… please be aware of this fact by looking at their actions and not their words.

Cooper further reports “that Hillary Clinton is a total failure as Secretary of State and the media is covering for her. If this were Condi Rice we were talking about, they would be asking whether she was going to resign every day. Between the WikiLeaks disaster that happened on her watch, the Russians selling weapons to rogue dictators or Iran's nuke plant. I could go on and on all day, trust me...there is plenty more.

Muslim terrorists have also been caught crossing the Mexican border with Venezuelan passports. These were Arab men that learned Spanish so they could pose as Venezuelans, but they were really from the Middle East. How much of this are we going to stand? It is time to unleash hell on these Russian proxies and eventually Russia as well”.

Hezbollah now has excellent access to the United States through Central America and Mexico thanks to Iran and Venezuela. Our southern underbelly is more threatened than ever. When are we going to wake up and go on the offensive? You cannot win this southern battle war by being on the defense. Now is the time for offensive planning and action by our government.