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  1. #1 Obamessiah's ties to domestic terrorism 
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    If this doesn't scare you, you're probably a Democrat.

    Barack Obama launched his political career with a fundraiser in the house of Bill Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist who—along with his wife Bernardine Dohrn—founded a radical Marxist group in the 1960s called the Weather Underground.

    The Weather Underground was responsible for a number of bombings around the United States, including the U.S. Capitol building and the Pentagon.
    Great ad:

    And this part is absolutely true:

    You’d think the media would delve into this relationship a little. If John McCain kicked off his political career at the house of, say, a bomber of abortion clinics, you probably would have heard about it by now. But the media, so clearly in love with Barack Obama, isn’t doing its job.
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    Considering Ubama's ties to unrepentant killers, you'd think that Americans would know better than to vote for him. I'm starting to think McCain's advisor was correct when he declared America had a whole lotta' 'mental midgets'.

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    Zer-0 is drawing attention to it by trying to get it stopped.

    Obama to DOJ: Block terrorist ad

    Sen. Barack Obama has launched an all-out effort to block a Republican billionaire’s efforts to tie him to domestic and foreign terrorists in a wave of negative television ads.

    Obama’s campaign has written the Department of Justice demanding a criminal investigation of the “American Issues Project,” the vehicle through which Dallas investor Harold Simmons is financing the advertisements. The Obama campaign — and tens of thousands of supporters — also is pressuring television networks and affiliates to reject the ads. The effort has met with some success: CNN and Fox News are not airing the attacks.

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