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Those stupid redirect viruses were some of the most troublesome I've had to deal with. They kept coming back. I downloaded hitman pro, as well as combo fix. I turned off restore points before running the programs because somebody told me some crap could hide in there. Afterwards, I recreated a restore point right after the cleaning. Another program I've heard good things about is TDSS killer. A redirect virus is basically a TDSS virus that is very good at hiding.
I was in St Louis and stayed with a friend. She was on Facebook and was caught by that virus. I was unable to post on CU for some time, as her computer was being repaired (or attempted) by a mutual friend's husband. He is a total computer geek/wizard, but could never get rid of that virus. He finally had to reload everything. So far she's ok.

He said when he went into the office, there were 6 people who had brought in their laptops with the same virus. Other friends have also fallen victim to it.

My friend got a message that she had a virus and was directed by the virus to follow the links to fix it. Naturally, it just took over her system. I'm glad she didn't follow the further directions to give her credit card number to pay the virus to fix itself.