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    Quote Originally Posted by PoliCon View Post
    Nah. It would never work.

    You can use the projection technique to sketch and outline an image - but not to paint it.
    Dude, you are so wrong and obviously not an artist. I'm no artist either, but back in the ancient dinosaur days, when I was in high school, we had one photography studio in our small town. This was an old-time professional photographer, with the big bulky old style camera on a tri-pod and huge studio lights that blinded you when you had to sit for a picture. His wife was a painter. One of their specialties was when they did the senior class cap & gown pictures every year, he would take the pictures like normal. Then his wife would pick out one pose and do a full size enhanced 'hand portrait' from it. She'd do exactly what Meshuga said above. She'd take the print, then use oil paint to touch it up and enhance it.

    I'm surprised at you Poli, for being closed minded on this. To an artist, nothing is impossible.

    Editing to add that my mother had portraits of all three of us kids at about 1 yr old done, and then hand painted on top of in the style above by that same couple. I still have mine hanging in the house now. They are awesome treasures from back in the good old days before society became digitized.
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