proud2Blib(1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-25-08 03:26 PM
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Cindy Sheehan's hotel room in Denver bugged?

Cindy Sheehan returned to her Denver hotel room today to find the door unlocked and ajar. She walked in to discover a man working on her phone, screw driver in hand.

Sheehan reported, in an email,

"As I walked toward my room, I noticed that the door was opened with the security bolt blocking the complete closing of the door. I knew immediately that I had not left the door open, and I double checked to make sure it was the right room because, as a frequent traveler, I have been known to forget my room number, but it was the right room.

I was upset at first thinking that housekeeping had made a mistake and left my room open and I was worried that something might be missing. So I walked into my room and bigger than life, there was a man standing by my desk holding the room phone with a screwdriver in his hand!

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Karl Rove, you magnificent bastard! :D

Some of the responses are priceless:

grannie4peace (719 posts)
Mon Aug-25-08 03:27 PM
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1. think pelosi's scared of her?
leftofcool (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-25-08 03:28 PM
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3. Yes and she better be! Go Cindy!
IWantAnyDem (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-25-08 03:31 PM
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11. Take that to another site

We support the Democratic nominee in EVERY race on this site, that means Pelosi.
sfexpat2000 (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-25-08 03:27 PM
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2. Must be FBI. Only they could be that effing incompetent.

Be safe, Cindy!
Ashy Larry (572 posts)
Mon Aug-25-08 03:29 PM
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5. Why are people so quick to believe this?

This is the same stunt Karl Rove pulled in Texas. Cindy is a politician looking for attention and funds.
leftofcool (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-25-08 03:30 PM
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7. Because it's DU?