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    Python can't escape after eating turkey

    MIAMI (AP) -- Once again, a python was done in by its dinner.

    After one python exploded after trying to eat an alligator, and another was blamed for disappearance of a Siamese cat, a 10-foot African rock python was apparently trapped by the turkey it ate at a Miami nursery. It couldn't slither back through a fence to digest the bird in peace.

    Dozens of turkeys and chickens live at the nursery, and owner Felix Azquz noticed one turkey was missing early Monday.

    Then Azquz, 77, saw the bulging snake.

    "It scared me," Azquz said. "I ran outside to call the police."

    Capt. Al Cruz of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue antivenin unit said a similar 16-foot-long snake was found in the same area three years ago, before a new housing development was built.

    but Cruz said it will be moved to a zoo in central Florida because of its aggression.

    "It launches at everything that tries to come near it," Cruz said.

    Last month, a 13-foot python blew up as it tried to swallow a 6-foot American alligator in Everglades National Park. Neither animal survived.

    On Sunday, a bulging 12-foot Burmese python was captured near the backyard of a Miami Gardens home. A snake expert said the python had eaten the homeowner's year-old Siamese cat, named Frances.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megimoo View Post
    I hate snakes.

    I'm not too fond of the human variety, either!

    This video was quite disturbing. I never knew these things were so quick. Was this some kind of Ninja python? It sprung like a mousetrap on that poor widdle wabbit!

    I imagine this college student was a victim of his liberal education. He thought he could peacefully coexist with the python. Maybe he was singing a chorus of Kum-ba-yah when Mr. Serpent decided to give him a little hug.

    So...what kind of political hay can we make out of this incident?
    • consider it an analogy. Obama (the snake) charms his victims (the electorate) into thinking he's harmless. They trust him to determine their future, but it turns out to be nothing like the glorious future they had imagined it would be.
    • or we could view it as Obama (the rabbit) thinking the snake (terrorists) can be reasoned with over a cup of tea. Again, there's that whole naive Kum-ba-yah thing that Democrats are famous for. But, instead of Obama being the victim, thousands of innocent Americans get the life squeezed out of them because of his stupidity.
    • or we could just consider this video a form of pornography for someone like Ptarmigan :D
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