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    Jeffersons Ghost (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-03-11 03:48 AM

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    The top 3% of wealth-holders are foolish enough to believe driving everyone else on the planet into abject poverty will allow them to control the world. Many of these aristocratic fools, which own a great deal of stock and most of the media in America, are foreigners who could care less about the US economy. To them, destroying our economy, and other economies in the free world seems like a good thing.

    What they don't realize is the extent of the backlash their efforts will have. What they'll get is open riots in the streets, around the world, a massive increase in REAL terrorist groups. And I don't mean the bin Laden, boogy-man they created so that they'd have an "enemy" to justify the wars that are destroying our economy.

    These ultra-rich idiots think that buying politicians in DC will facilitate their goals. And they are right. What they fail to realize is that their goals are flawed. They also believe that by gradually eroding Western freedoms and economies they can avoid severe repercussions. On this point they are wrong. Experts that are truly in the know, understand these very simple facts. It's as obvious as the nose on your face. Destroying the Western economies will cause a crime-wave of epic proportions, open anarchy and the eventual demise of their power and wealth. We are all economically connected to a degree and workers in Western societies won't sit still for true slavery for long.

    No amount of policing will be enough to keep them in power and protect their assets and asses, after they devalue the pay of those sworn to uphold law and order. And there's simply not enough policing organizations to contain the vastness of the impending problem. After all, individuals in these organizations will feel the same economic pain as the rest of the world. I suspect they're already feeling the crunch, as their meager civil servant pay is eroded by run-away inflation. We're also facing cutbacks in the funding of policing organizations, due to the greed of the top 3% of wealth-holders. Will they eventually pay them in salt, like the Roman Legions? Who's going to protect their assets, after these cutbacks occur?

    I'm not inciting or advocating anything. I'm simply telling it like it is.
    You have to just laugh at the sheer increase in threads like this since the Tax Cuts got extended and us ReThugs getting seats back. :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Great find.

    What's interesting is that the actual evil billionaires/hundred-millionaires out there are former-politburo/mafia types from soviet bloc countries. DUers are in for a rude awakening if they ever try to storm the Bastille that those holds those guys' wealth.
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    Somebody should've told that DUmmie to stay away from the brown acid.
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