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  1. #1 Why the hell is Cindy McCain going to Georgia (the country) and futhermore 
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    Hamlette (1000+ posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:11 AM
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    Why the hell is Cindy McCain going to Georgia (the country) and futhermore
    why isn't she being laughed off the planet because of it?

    And, while I'm at it, do you think she has her arm in a sling because she doesn't want to shake hands with the rabble?

    Makes her look so prissy.
    I think liberal democrats are the most insenitive , selfish people I've ever been in contact with when it comes to the poor and the suffering in other countries. If they can't bash President Bush with it then they simply ignore it.

    Or out and out say they don't care.
    DangerousRhythm (961 posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:12 AM
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    1. I find it very presumptuous.
    VERY much so.
    Hamlette (1000+ posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:17 AM
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    4. presumptuous and bizarre....the wife of a candidate???? Hello. Media. Where are you?
    She should be trashed for this.

    After all. She didn't spend 5 1/2 years without a kitchen table. Can we say bad things about her?
    So, continuing humanitarian missions and charity work which she has been doing for years is "presumptiuous and bizarre"?
    last1standing (1000+ posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:13 AM
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    2. Looking for a good deal on real estate?
    Fridays Child (1000+ posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:28 AM
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    8. Yes, I heard that she just can't seem to find anywhere to get off by herself...
    ...because the children and all of the other relatives are always clamoring for vacation time at the condos. It's finally gotten to where she's seriously considering annexing a small nation. I mean, c'mon, who hasn't had this problem at one time or another? I can totally relate. So, just

    Leave Cindy alone!
    last1standing (1000+ posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:31 AM
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    9. I know that when I'm on one of my many vacations throughout the year I hate to be interrupted.
    I often go out and buy a another house for privacy or take my private jetliner to another state.

    It's the only way to get across Arizona, you know.
    samdogmom (1000+ posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:16 AM
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    3. There was a crawl on MSNBC tonight while we were watching the Democratic Convention....
    My family laughed hysterically when we saw this "news". WOW! Can anyone fill me in on Cindy's diplomatic skills? What a joke! I hope there's some press coverage of this huge McCain campaign FAIL!
    EC (1000+ posts) Tue Aug-26-08 01:34 AM
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    10. ?Going to adopt a newly orphaned baby
    so her and Gramps can weaken Obama's bump?

    This is what they are "laughing hysterically" about and mocking:

    McCain has made several trips to Vietnam, where her husband,
    Republican Sen. John McCain, was shot down during the Vietnam War
    and held for more than five years as a prisoner of war.
    She visited the coastal town of Nha Trang where about 100
    children born with cleft palates and cleft lips were awaiting free
    plastic surgery provided by the U.S. charity Operation Smile. The
    operations will take place on one of the U.S. Navy's floating
    hospitals, the USNS Mercy.

    "This is what I do, and this is what revitalizes me,
    personally," she said. "The campaign is extremely important, of
    course, but this is also important to me, and so you try to balance

    Cindy McCain has been actively involved with Operation Smile
    since 2001 and is a member of its board of directors

    In 1988, inspired by a vacation visit four years earlier to substandard medical facilities on Truk Lagoon,[18][14] Cindy McCain founded the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT).[2] It was a non-profit organization that organized trips for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to provide MASH-like emergency medical care to disaster-struck or war-torn third-world areas such as Micronesia, Vietnam (before relations were normalized between them and the U.S.[18]), Kuwait (arriving five days after the conclusion of the Gulf War[18]), Iraq, Nicaragua, India, Bangladesh and El Salvador.[9][32][33][34][35] She led 55 of these missions over the next seven years,[17] with each being of at least two weeks' duration.[35] AVMT also supplied treatment to poor sick children around the world.[36] In 1993, Cindy McCain and the AVMT were honored with an award from Food for the Hungry.[9]

    SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) - Cindy McCain, wife of U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain, is traveling to Georgia this week to assess the humanitarian situation there after its military conflict with Russia, the Arizona senator said on Monday. ....................

    Cindy McCain, a philanthropist who often does humanitarian trips abroad, told Time magazine in an interview she had wanted to visit the region since the conflict started.
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    "And, while I'm at it, do you think she has her arm in a sling because she doesn't want to shake hands with the rabble?"

    What a brainless, heartless turd.

    Cindy has had her arm in a sling before visiting Georgia. In fact, some of the conspiracy theory DUmmies claimed that the way McCain allegedly 'Cheated' on the Rick Warren debate with Obama was that Cindy was hiding a cell phone in her cast that she was using to communicate the questions to McCain!
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    Yesterday they said Cindy was going to Georgia to score some drugs.
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