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  1. #1 The Tturmoil continues in Denver; now it's Bill (Hillary's destiny was stolen) 
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    The Clinton-Obama turmoil continues in Denver; now it's Bill (Hillary's destiny was stolen)

    DENVER -- Ah, Democrats. There's something about the circular firing squad that just seems to hold endless fascination for them.

    Why do they even need a Republican opposition when they can just battle themselves? At this convention, the well-reported rift is between the Obamaphiles and the Clintonphiles and it's the continuing narrative. Tonight, Sen. Hillary Clinton herself will speak.

    From the bad feelings that sprung up during the nasty primary season, to the ire in the Clinton camp over how how they believe she was allegedly mistreated in Sen. Barack Obama's vice presidential selection process, to the dissension from her...

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    Since Obama has no national security record Clinton will have to think of something fast or else pull it out of thin air. Everything the speakers say about him will be half truth and fabrication. Oh...I almost forgot, Obie made a trip to Europe where he was billed as a rock star.

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