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    I remember many years ago when I lived in an apartment, a car outside my window had an alarm that went off and after a half an hour nobody had done a thing about it. I found the horn with a lug wrench and it was nice and quiet.:D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
    Hmmmm... Okay, this has some potential for mischief. What song would you not want to hear on a four-wheeled boombox, not because it's loud, but because it sucks? For that matter, what song would the kind of person who owns one of those things not be likely to play? My nominations:

    Afternoon Delight (Starland Vocal Band)
    Theme from A Summer Place (Percy Faith)
    It's a Small World After All (Disney)
    Anything by Barry Manilow, Michael Bolton, Justin Beiber, Zamphir, the Spice Girls or any boy band.
    All good choices.

    I think Sugar Sugar by The Archies. Afternoon Delight is a close second. :D
    Hey careful man! There's a beverage here!
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