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  1. #1 F. Lee Bailey claims he can prove O.J. is innocent 
    O.J. Simpson's ex lawyer, F. Lee Bailey, claims he can prove the ex-football player is innocent

    By Nina Mandell

    Sunday, January 9th 2011, 9:09 PM

    O.J. Simpson's former lawyer is out to prove that because the glove didn't fit, the jury was right to acquit.

    In a 46-page document posted on the website of his consulting firm, F. Lee Bailey wrote that he had additional evidence that would finally erase all doubt about the Heisman trophy winner's innocence.

    "The facts offered here are either largely unchallenged, or much more persuasive than those contrary views which have been argued," he promised.

    While Simpson was acquitted by a criminal jury, he was later found guilty in a civil trial and ordered to pay millions to the family of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

    Bailey was on his defense team in the 1995 criminal trial and said he may turn the document into a book about the experience and his former client.

    The 77-year-old lawyer says that despite what the public may believe about his former client, Simpson wasn't the type of person to use "raging violence to solve his emotional problems."

    "O.J. apart from the infliction of injury on Nicole has no history of resorting to raging violence to solve his emotional problems," Bailey wrote in the documents, adding that a psychiatrist agreed the former football star had never been psychotic. Simpson also had never exhibited the demeanor or the motive to kill his ex-wife and Brown, Bailey said,

    Simpson's suicide attempt, Brown added, was caused by distress over the death of a loved one.

    "The unlikelihood that a person of O.J.'s character would be capable of such brutality has somehow devolved into a mystical certainty among many that he nonetheless is the perpetrator," he wrote. "Most amazing to me is that many - indeed the majority - of my otherwise intelligent and thoughtful friends have a knee-jerk certainty of O.J.'s guilt. I can only attribute this to a natural tendency to infer guilt from the suicide escapade, despite O.J.'s clear declarations of innocence to the contrary."
    Interesting. Arguments at the link.

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    yeah. whatever. Note the poll. Seventy five percent at this point are convinced he did it. I love the last quote of FLee Bailey though.
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