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    I'm not sure of how to frame this...But I did read she was born on 9/11/2001.
    I wanted to say on this that despite the fact that she died horribly, and long before her time, her birth was also something special too. In the middle of a nightmare, there was a little light, at least for some. I think rather than her just being a victim of violence and only being remembered for her death, as so many victims of violence are she should also be remembered for her birth. For her family, in the middle of one of the worst days in American history, she was a beam of light. She was a beacon. Maybe not to us all, but some.

    I think that her life should come to represent something, something truly American, something almost Spiritual--That even in the midst of darkness, there is a light for those who look for it; For those who WANT to see it. Even in the midst of this tragedy, as she was in the midst of her birth, I believe we should look at her as a light. Despite all the evil, the darkness, the chaos, there is good; There is innocence. Even if innocence is struck down bodily, in spirit that goodness shall always prevail; If not in spirit, than at least in memory, for memories in the heart provide for something of an eternal life here on Earth--I believe that as long as a deceased person is remembered, or their long gone existence is acknowledged or known about by at least one person, than they live on, even in some small way.

    Christina Taylor Greene is more than just a number, a statistic, a victim; She was a Human first; an American, born not on a day of American triumph but of tragedy, but her birth and her life should represent the best of the American spirit, for no matter how dark the day looks, the stars always shine on America. And for her family, she was that little star, shining in what seemed to be the darkest day ever.

    Though she wasn't a famous person and thus to most not "notable enough", I believe a little monument or memorial should be put up, just for her, at the site of this hideous act--Because even though she's been struck down, it is the goodness of a little child, the innocence in us all, that must prevail; It is this goodness that we must search for, an important part of the human spirit, or the human psyche, that we must never forget.
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    Her grandfather is revered in this area as he was the first manager to lead the Phillies to a World Series championship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Her grandfather is revered in this area as he was the first manager to lead the Phillies to a World Series championship.
    I always liked him.

    Very sad.
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