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  1. #1 More reality, and the DUmmies just HATE it. 
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    Where is the evidence?

    MadHound (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-12-11 09:22 AM
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    Where is the evidence?

    Almost before the echoes of the gunshots dimmed, the conventional DU wisdom jumped to the conclusion the the shooter, Loughner, was influenced by the RW noise machine.

    Why did people jump to this conclusion? Because the main target of his shooting spree was a Democratic Congresswoman? Well, the shooter of a Democratic president was an avowed Communist, so the target proves nothing.

    Because Loughner lists Mein Kampf and We the Living as two of his most favorite books? He also lists the Communist Manifest and Brave New World as two of his other favorite books.

    Because he wrote anti-government screeds? Being anti-government is not limited to the right, the left has, and does, embrace anti-government rhetoric and views.

    The simple fact of the matter is that we simply don't know what Loughner's personal politics are. More importantly, we don't have a clue as to whether those politics, whatever they are, pushed Loughner towards violence.

    What we do know is that Loughner was a deeply disturbed individual, one with a history of mental illness problems. Ascribing motivations to Loughner's actions is, at this point in time, an exercise in both futility and stupidity. In the haste to demonize the right, to play gotcha games, we are far too willing to forego the basic facts and wildly speculate without evidence.

    Or we could continue to act like those we hate, the rabid RW, who also jump to conclusions that simply aren't there, to wildly speculate with little or no evidence, all to score some mythical, mystical political point.

    The choice is up to you.
    Well, we just can't have any of that "evidence" stuff being tossed around here.

    seabeyond (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-12-11 09:29 AM
    Response to Original message
    3. damn i am so tired of this self righteous bullshit that feeds and enables the rw to continue on

    you may like to precieve that there is absolutely no dots to connect in your opinion. but you are wrong. there. that simple
    So there. That's that.
    MadHound (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-12-11 09:32 AM
    Response to Reply #3
    8. What's your evidence? n/t
    Uh oh. Unavoidable question. Deals in facts. PANIC!!!!
    seabeyond (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-12-11 09:35 AM
    Response to Reply #8
    13. it really doesnt matter at all. not a single bet. you will ignore regardless. you dont see it.

    Edited on Wed Jan-12-11 09:36 AM by seabeyond
    i do. we differ in opinion here what the nation needs, needs to learn, needs to pull from this experience. we differ in what we need to speak out about. it is really a waste of time to even kinda try to answer your question, it will be dismissed with no respect at all

    but i am so sick and tired of people on du regress to the point of dismissing, demeaning, devalueing people because of differing opinion.

    you say.... if i dont see as you, THAT makes me = to a rw.

    wth is you making a comment like that doing? making you exactly what rw are.

    is it really necessary for you to make your point by degrading people you dont agree with?
    TA DA!!! Asking for facts and evidence is now degrading someone at DU.

    Odin2005 (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-12-11 09:32 AM
    Response to Original message
    6. I think the Right's reaction to the events are more important that Loughner own views.

    Their gut reaction was to ASSUME that the shooter was one of them, and started immediately covering their asses.
    Hey, Odin! The "they" who did that assuming was the Left, not the Right.

    Anyone drinking something at this moment, be sure to swallow before reading further:

    Stevenmarc (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-12-11 09:48 AM
    Response to Original message
    29. No conclusions were jumped at DU.

    Edited on Wed Jan-12-11 09:53 AM by Stevenmarc
    Because it doesn't really matter at the end of the day what really influenced Loughner, what matters most is that the Right Wing caused themselves to look guilty by scrubbing websites of the very material that could cause a nutcase to go off on someone.

    It was the Right Wing that jumped to that conclusion first and they went into full defensive mode. It's the actions of Republicans that caused their own problems.
    LMAO!!! Yeah, NO conclusions were jumped at DU. None. All of DU has been completely rational throughout this whole event. Yeah, that's the ticket. Steve here is married to ... Morgan Fairchild ... yeah, that's it.
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    Rational thought is seldom welcomed at DU.

    Oh, and the irony of someone on DU complaining about scrubbing websites is hilarious. DU is constantly flushing things down the memory hole.

    I wonder why this got scrubbed from DailyKos:

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    I see some back peddling here; some on DU don't want to look like a complete assholes when all the information about shooter comes out. Still many are clinging to their hate no matter what the answers are.

    Wonder how long it will take for all those posts to go down the memory hole, and DU to act like it never happened at all.

    PS. And it seems none of those numbskulls even know what WE THE LIVING was about.
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    They so love the taste of their own feces that this crap pie will not phase them. This was a loonatic leftist. He was crazy. Leftists are too, but most are harmless little drones that can be dismissed with a simple swat like a pesky gnat.

    The leftist media who created and bought into this will get a pass just like all the numerous other times when they attempted to blame atrocities committed by Lefty Lunatics on Right wing nutjobs. This will fade away into media obscurity until the next opportunity to score points by being completely wrong.
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