Thread: Calls Mount for Sheriff Dupnik’s Resignation

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  1. #1 Calls Mount for Sheriff Dupnik’s Resignation 
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    Since he first opened his mouth on Saturday night to address the nation about the terrible shootings at a Tucson Safeway, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has been inaccurate, wrong, or completely biased in his handling of the case. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik must resign.

    Never have we witnessed a prominent public figure so inaccurately and viciously politicize a national tragedy like Sheriff Dupnik did this week. And in all of his statements he has either been wrong or misdirected. This bitter partisan must go...

    Sheriff Dupnik told reporters that shooter Jared Loughner may not have acted alone. It was a group effort. There were others involved. "We have photos." Sheriff Dupnik was wrong. Loughner acted alone.

    Sherriff Dupnik told reporters that the killer Jared Lee Loughner had made similar threats in the past. Then yesterday the sheriff backtracked. He said there were no previous threats before the shooting.
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    Jackasses like this don't go away on their own.
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    DUmbnik needs to resign. Then he can run as a Loony Leftist Congressman.
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    Because of his comments even before the bodies of the deceased reached room temperature essentially compromising the investigation, he is unfit for duty.
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