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Wed May-28-08 03:38 PM
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Water is wet, sky is up there, asparagus makes my piss reek, and they fucking lied


They lied. From soup to nuts. Many of us knew this about six years ago. I wrote a book about it.

We knew the MSM was enabling the goddam mess because war is good for ratings; CNN's viewership went up 500% after September 11, and if you think the hepcats in the advertising didn't connect the dots and forecast the ducats, I have a bridge in New York to sell you. Those fucking shitbags are at least as responsible for the current calamity as the wretched shit-dogs in the White House, OEOB and Capitol Building.

They were the PR section, the means by which those Bush-borne monsters were able to terrorize an entire population into agreeing with a plan to commit mass murder in the first degree and grand theft writ large. Maybe they were just credulous dolts and didn't really know the score, and you know what? That's worse. At least the Bush guys had an ideology. These MSM scumwhores were just along for the ride, hoping to capture their own personal White Bronco Moment on film and advance their God damned vapid empty worthless careers enough to get limo service and an anchor seat and fame and fortune and stock options. The Bush people were evil with intent. The media people were evil in their utter diffidence. Bastards with perfect hair and makeup. Butchers who neither knew nor cared about what was what.

McClellan spilled ther beans...stone the fucking crows, right? Frankly, I'm shocked he had the stones to open his mouth. I barely remember his time at the podium because I make a point of never listening to deliberate liars who get paid to stare into cameras and shit on my country day after day; maybe I'm a slacker for it, but fuck that shit. I'd rather take a ball-peen hammer to my forehead than sit down and watch someone verbally undo constitutional law, governmental integrity and public trust. McClellan talked a lot of people into savage and violent death, into having their arms and legs and faces blasted away, into having their minds get turned to insensate slop by explosive concussion, into having their lives shattered by PTSD nightmares they will never fully escape.

Fuck Scott McClellan. He might as well have told us the sun rises in the east. Fuck the MSM. Nothing they say has been of any interest to me for a long, long time. I am many moons past needing to hear any of those ghouls acknowledge or confirm that which I have known to be brass-bottomed fact for years. If they said they lied, I'd think they were lying. They are not worth the skin keeping their putrid guts off their shiny shoes. Fuck them all.

If you want to make something out of this, staple McClellan and Bush and the rest of these motherfucking murderers to John McCain's forehead, paint them red and wrap them in Christmas lights and shove every one of them all the way into the puckered asshole of that complicit Bush-loving "Maverick" from Arizona, who voted to support all this shit between 95-100% of the time for the last five years and has every intention of keeping the party going for as long as the sun will shine.

Make something good from this shit and cripple the presumed GOP nominee with it. His poll numbers are way higher than Bush's or his party's, because the same MSM who helped start the war haven't gotten around to letting people know that, yeah, he was the loudest cheerleader in Congress for this bloodbath, and he deserves to be recognized for his stalwart support of the Commander In Chief.

Water is wet, sky is up there, asparagus makes my piss reek, and they all fucking lied. Stop the fucking presses.

I didn't bother reading it all, it was just an amusing rant by the Pittster. I'm sure it'll get 50 K&R's before long.