Saturdays games...

1. Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh
Baltimore wins this game 17-13 sending Ben Roethlisberger to either the local university hospital with another broken nose to either get fixed up or to rape another college freshman (you decide).

2. Green Bay vs. Atlanta
Green Bay wins this game 31-20. This sets up a mass suicide watch for the whole Atlanta, Georgia region allowing the TV series "The Walking Dead" to continue filming in Atlanta with a cheaper cast.

Sunday's games...

3. Seattle vs. Chicago
Seattle wins this hard fought game 23-20 just like they did earlier in the season sacking Jay "I hate making decisions" Cutler another six times. This infuriates the bookies in Chicago hence the need for protection for Jay to prevent him sleeping with the fishes.

4. New York vs. New England
New York, after intercepting the immaculate Tom Brady three times, wins this contest 27-24. This causes the servers over at Urbandictionary to crash due to the influx of Jets fans trying to figure the trash talk between the two teams for the last four years.