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The only thing I had that did that was when I had my old Airport (Jupiter II model) and then when the 900Mhz phones came out, they interfered with the signal to the iBook which I assume was using the 900 band before the phones came out. So I went back to the old phones for a while, and then got rid of the house phone entirely.

My sister just got a new Microsoft wireless mouse with the micro send unit, which puts my mind at ease a bit because I worried that the thumb-drive sized unit sticking out was waiting to break the case.

She bought a Toshiba Satelite three months ago, and I can't believe the damned thing doesn't have bluetooth. Would it have cost mort than a dollar for them to have included it?

Speaking of cool, have you seen the wi-fi memory cards? They cost as much as a camera, and the cameras OUGHT to be equipt with bluetooth (but aren't) so the concept is cool when the price comes down.
For some reason they have quit putting bluetooth on laptops, bluetooth was great. On some laptops especially dell, you have an extra pcie slot inside you can use, don't try the combo wifi/bluetooth cards they are nothing but trouble.