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  1. #1 Know Enough? (New Obama & Bill Ayers ad) - Barack and the terrorist 
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    Know Enough? (New Obama & Bill Ayers ad) - Barack and the terrorist

    Brought to you by American Issues Project. William Ayers, domestic terrorist and unrepentant member of The Weather Underground, is one of Obama's close associates and the man who hired Barack to be the Chairman of the Board of Ayers' Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

    Obamas group is trying to get this taken off the air.........if there wasn't any guilt involved in this, do your really think they would be trying to stifle this????
    pch8r (4 hours ago) Paul, thank you for posting. This might be the only way many people will get to see this.
    jeffn21 (5 hours ago) Rather than commenting on this ad, they try to have it yanked. So far the only defense I've seen is Obama was 8 during the attacks. Well, no one said he was in on the attacks, LOL.

    This ad is true, and it is scary how close a lunatic like this is to the White House.

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    This is excellent. And it's educational.

    If those idiots smoking hope-ium could think straight then one look at this should have them running for the hills in fear and terror.

    Obama is frightening.
    The fact that his disciples refuse to see the truth of this ad is just as frightening.
    And the facism of him bullying the media not to show it ... it reminds me of the Nazis and Hitler.

    I don't like to throw 'Hitler' around. But there it is.

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