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  1. #1 NYC Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Talking And Walking 
    NYC Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Talking And Walking
    $100 Fine If Caught With iPod, Cell Phone Crossing The Street

    January 25, 2011 8:30 PM

    Reporting Marcia Kramer

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – After targeting distracted drivers, some New York lawmakers want to go after distracted walkers. They are looking to ban them from using iPods, music players and cell phones while walking and crossing the street.

    At E.A.T. restaurant on Madison Avenue they still haven’t gotten over the death of co-worker Jason King, killed last month when a truck hit him as he crossed the street while listening to his iPod. “He was everything to us. He was always laughing, always in a good mood,” co-worker Nunny Sanchez told CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer.

    “We all miss him dearly like crazy. He was the light of E.A.T. I miss him a lot,” Josephina Medina added.

    Jason was just 21 and his death and along with other accidents involving people using electronic gadgets while walking is why Brooklyn Sen. Karl Kruger is looking to ban things like cell phones and iPods for pedestrians crossing the street.

    “We have people who are literally dying in the street,” Kruger said.

    Dying, Kruger said, not because they are distracted drivers but because they are distracted walkers. Charles Tabasso, 14, admitted he’s one of them because he listens to his iPod constantly.

    “I would probably get run over right now if it weren’t for my awesome parents,” Tabasso said.

    His mom agreed.

    “As a parent I am definitely in favor of banning these things,” Tullia Tabasso said.

    The proposal was triggered by accidents like a woman tripping into a fountain while texting, but not everyone thinks the ban is a good idea, even King’s co-workers.

    “I mean I, myself, I walk around in the street hearing music because I don’t want to hear nobody around me or nothing,” Medina said.

    “I think it’s terrible. Come on. We need something to keep our mind occupied while we’re walking to work,” said Luevonia Simmons of Old Bridge, N.J.

    Some said they object to the move as an intrusion by government into the everyday lives of people — the nanny state syndrome.

    “When people are doing things that are detrimental to their own well being, then government should step in,” Kruger said.
    CBS Local
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    oh my GOD!! really???!!!
    One does not greet death when he knocks at your door.

    Nay you repeatedly punch him in the throat as he slowly drags you away.
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    wow. Nanny state overdrive . . . .

    I love how everyone has to be punished because of a couple of idiots - and it's prolly a good thing that they removed themselves from the gene pool.
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    I think that anyone who wants to ban iPods has clearly forgotten about the ghetto blasters that came before personal listening devices.

    As for cell phones, yes, I wish the world would simply shut the hell up, if only for one hour a day... and I will schedule my visit to the grocery store during the quiet time. A law to fulfill that wish doesn't seem practical or likely.
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    “As a parent I am definitely in favor of banning these things,” Tullia Tabasso said.
    Oh really? You don't like them but you bought one anyway...

    So you,as a parent, are looking to the government to do something that you had the power to do all along?

    Brilliant! To think this worthless, brain-dead, waste of oxygen BRED! :eek:
    Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.
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    We could say they are spending like drunken sailors. That would be unfair to drunken sailors, they're spending their OWN money.
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    does NYC need a Hall monitor?
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