Anti-regime protests spread nationwide,Egypt imposes curfew, army to help in protest control

Egyptian military vehicles are sighted on the streets of Cairo after a day of violent clashes between police & protestersEgypt announced curfew in Cairo, Alexandria & Suez as the Egyptian military would aid the security forces in controlling the growing protests nationwide, the Egyptian state TV said.

Egyptian military vehicles were sighted on the streets of Cairo after a day of violent clashes between police and protesters demanding an end to President Hosni Mubarak's rule.President Mubarak has declared a curfew in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez from 6:00 pm (1600 GMT) until 7:00 am (0500 GMT), state television said.
Protests in Egypt - as it

1.53am:CloseLink to this update: It's approaching 4am in Suez and becoming increasingly difficult to ascertain exactly what is going on in the city. Some reports are suggesting the military has a presence in the city, but others deny it.

Fires have reportedly been started at the Police Headquarters in the city – earlier I posted a video purporting to show the blaze being put out – and at a chemical factory, and there are reports of restrictions to telephone and internet services, although some networks, including Vodafone, appear to now be working.

We're unable to confirm some of the reports coming from Suez, and it looks as if it will take daylight to reveal what is actually happening in the city. This blog is closing now, but we'll have more on tonight's events tomorrow morning – check back for updates.

Hope all in Egypt are safe and well.

1.40am:CloseLink to this update: Layth Hanball emails with a translation of the Arabic description of the video posted at 1.21am: "Please share the video people, and there are more on the way"