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  1. #1 Candidate pledges on YouTube clip to gut military spending, research 
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    E-mail frenzy: 'Obama plans to disarm U.S.!'
    Candidate pledges on YouTube clip to gut military spending, research

    DES MOINES, Iowa A video the Barack Obama campaign produced last year to solicit the endorsement of an Iowa-based advocacy group has generated more than 3 million page views on YouTube, fueled by chain e-mails claiming the clip is evidence the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee intends to disarm the U.S.. Florida's St. Petersburg Times received an e-mail that warned of Obama's plan to "unilaterally disarm our nation" and stated, "You do not have to check Snopes to determine if this is true or false. ... Watch and listen to Obama's own words." WND also received an e-mail suggesting the...

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    And with also pledging to insure 50 million Americans against medical expenses, this is a surprize because?
    At Coretta Scott King's funeral in early 2006, Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert Kennedy, leaned over to him and whispered, "The torch is being passed to you." "A chill went up my spine," Obama told an aide. (Newsweek)

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