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  1. #1 OH MY GOD.... MADDOW proves Reagan wrong 
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    How in the world does showing bush saying that Reagan's economic plan is Voodoo economics way back in 1980 prove anything. Bush admitted he was wrong about REagan economic policy..

    This is competlely amazing.

    Could someone please explain this logic to me please.

    in the video maddow is so proud of herself for coming up with this.... and they call palin stupid
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    Particularly with the departure of Moonbatmann, that woman is by far the most dishonest person on television. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to beat her about the head and neck with the facts back in July when she spouted this complete and total nonsense.

    Here's a hint, you idiot bitch, should you happen to wander along here and decide to get a dose of reality: Revenues from personal and corporate income taxes went UP every year after the 2003 tax cuts were put into place, right up until someone came along and promised to raise everyone's taxes, at which time *SURPRISE!!* revenues fell like a stone and the economy crashed and burned.
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    Anything Meaty Fingers Maddow knows about Reagan has come from Libtard professors she had while a Rhodes Scholar.

    She's already been proven wrong about her quotes on Reagan re: SDI. Only the moonbats would take her seriously on this.
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    (I apologize for the large images distorting the page)

    Right, a lot of issues with that.

    1. The main point towards supply-side theory is that tax cuts can generate economic activity, which in turn increases government revenues.

    In addition, cutting taxes shows no notable decrease in revenues per GDP. Therefore, raising them isn't going to fix the problem.

    2. Tax cuts do not increase the deficit, spending does. True, there were higher deficits, but it was that economic policy in place that allowed for the deficit cutting in the 1990s.

    While there was a tax increase in the Clinton administration, it again cannot claim that it somehow was able to balance the budget. What Democrats tend to forget is that several more tax cuts were made by the GOP congress, which included more capital gains cuts and greater exemption for small businesses.

    Therefore, if the Democrats want to take credit for balancing the budget (well, at least according to govt. numbers) then they have to factor in the supply-side policy as well.

    3. Really? You're going to quote Hank Paulson? Mr. Lets-bail-out-the-banks himself?

    4. Again Mr. Obama, spending increases the deficit. Let's not forget that your party failed in providing a balanced budget as Nancy Pelosi promised in 2006.

    5. Curious Mr. Maddow, you also left out Obama's record deficits as well.

    Let's also not forget all of the extra spending that's going to come about once the health care bill goes into effect.
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