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  1. #1 Shell scraps bid to drill off Alaska’s coast this year 
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    Shell Oil announced Thursday that it's abandoning efforts to drill in icy waters off Alaska’s northern coast this year, a decision that prompted Alaska's senators to accuse the Obama administration of blocking access to large domestic supplies.The company’s plans to drill in Arctic waters have long been under attack from environmental groups. The Interior Department, after the BP oil spill, halted the oil giant’s plan to drill in 2010.
    “We have been working rigorously for the past five years to meet and exceed all the regulatory and permitting requirements in Alaska. However, despite our investment in acreage and technology and our work with stakeholders, we have not been able to drill a single exploration well,” Voser said in an earnings call this morning. “Despite our best efforts, critical permits continue to be delayed, and the timeline for getting these permits is still uncertain.”

    “The EPA’s refusal, or simple inability, to issue key permits in a timely fashion is indefensible,” Murkowski said in a statement. “Shell has now invested roughly $4 billion and five years attempting to get the permits it needs, without success.”

    “New supplies of oil are essential to keeping the trans-Alaska pipeline in operation,” Murkowski added. “While my home state stands ready to do its part to keep energy affordable and to right the economy, the federal government continues to stand in our way.”

    Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) is irked at the Obama administration, too. “I put the blame for this squarely on the EPA and the Obama Administration who have taken virtually every opportunity to block responsible development of Alaska’s resources," he said in a statement, alleging the decision means the loss of 800 jobs and other "indirect" employment.
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    Obama's plan is to block exploration of new developments of oil, natural gas, coal and nuke plants. He is banking on the price going up by increased importation and/or taxation. The master plan is that he will come ridding in on a white horse to take control cause these greedy companies like Shell and Exxon are making too much money. Democrats want prices to rise so that expensive green energy like solar and wind will be competitive. I hope the dumb shits in MA enjoy their KW going up in price from the current price of 13 cents to 23/33 cents per unit. This administration is getting ready to put some serious pain on all Americans.

    Large oil corporations will shy away from future oil exploration because of the anti-American Democrats and Environmentalists. Shell has also invested large sums in oil shale in the US. We have nuts in Congress who want to stop this but also want to stop the importation of shale oil from Canada. How crazy is that? Shell and others will drill in other countries that do not have these insane politicians and environmentalists that try to throw a monkey wrench every step of the way from discovery to production.
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