Forget all the concern about al Qaeda terrorists using explosions to take out our power grid or foreign hackers disabling it from afar - in Texas a cold front can apparently do the job.As the lights flickered and went dark across Texas on Wednesday in response to a state-mandated rolling blackout plan, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst was clearly irritated.

He wasn't the only one......."This should not happen," Dewhurst told reporters on Wednesday.Dewhurst said that cold weather knocked 50 of the 550 power plants in Texas offline. That, coupled with increased demand, turned out the lights.

"Lack of adequate winterization and preparation appear to be a major cause of the outages," Dewhurst said.The plant managers and the parent companies might want to make a note in their day planners for next year - "WINTER CAN BE COLD!"
Because we have an entire industry that actually forecasts the weather - setting aside for the moment their sometimes less than stellar track record - we actually saw this cold snap coming......The fact that we weren't properly prepared for it - and because of that computers and equipment all over the state came to a screeching halt - is simply inexcusable.