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Hmmm, 3 championships for the Cats, 1 for the Soul

8 division championships for the Cats, 1 for the Soul

Let me know when you guys have that kind of record.

And by the way, you won that championship thanks to a bogus ref call.
Which game? Certainly wasn't the Arena Bowl. If you're referring to the Brackins touchdown against NY, you're right to a degree but the Soul still had a time out left and would have been inside the 5. They would have scored regardless. Now, you being 'cute' comparing the record of the Cats to the Soul, um, the Cats have been around since 1995 while the Soul didn't come to be until 2004. Now, that said, it took the Cats 8 seasons to win a championship. Took the Soul 5. :p And we beat you twice that season.