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I'd love to get stationed there. But the Navy took all the weather positions. :mad:
It can be really hard on people who aren't predisposed to the life. The sunlight (and lack thereof) bothers people. Aside from hikes and horseback riding, there isn't a lot to do outside (but you should totally hire the native ponies). The diet is kind of low carb because so much in the way of fruit, grain, and veggies have to be imported.

On the other hand, the drinking culture is really enjoyable. It's fun in a way that is seldom seen in Anglophone countries. The people are almost all uniformly smart, well mannered, and law abiding. There is little crime in Iceland. The Icelanders themselves believe this is because they've systematically killed all the genetic criminals over the years (not lately, of course).

The Asatru are big in Iceland even though almost everybody belongs to the State church.