Verizon's Apple iPhone 4 Hides 'World Mode' Chip
By Mark Hachman

Apple's decision to redesign the new iPhone 4 for Verizon may have paid off for Qualcomm as well as users, with a new antenna design.

In a preliminary teardown, iSuppli said late Monday that the firm has discovered a Qualcomm MDM6600 baseband processor inside of it, which theoretically means that the iPhone 4 can support both GSM and CDMA.

In addition, the iPhone 4 hides a new antenna design, which would be necessary for the phone's CDMA technology. Although dedicated antenna tests haven't yet been performed, anecdotal first looks of the iPhone 4 by appeared to give it an edge over the AT&T version. However, has yet to perform a comprehensive antenna test of the two devices.

Moreover, iSuppli said that the new iPhone 4 also appears to use the MDM6000's integrated GPS, instead of a dedicated GPS component. Although iSuppli didn't speculate, this could conceivably reduce the cost of the phone and its associated power., in association with iFixit, also performed its own teardown and confirmed the results.

Online, users have begun speculating what impact this may have on future iPhone designs, and whether the iPhone 4 could be a true "world phone" in the same vein as the Motorola Droid Pro, which shares the same Qualcomm chip and carrier.
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