The difference between Jimmy Carter's mistakes in handling the 1979 revolution in Iran and Obama's handling of the 2011 revolution in Egypt is that Carter's team made mistakes out of ignorance and naiveté.

Thirty-one years later, Obama's diplomatic team cannot claim naiveté in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical Islamists. Obama is consciously supporting the Islamists in Egypt and facilitating their rise to power.

How else can one explain the extraordinary statements of James Clapper, Obama's director of national intelligence, in his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, that the Muslim Brotherhood is a "secular organization" that has "eschewed violence"? They operate hospitals in Egypt, so they must be peace-loving humanitarians? Hamas operates charities in the Gaza territory, so they are not really dedicated to the destruction of Israel?

We might forgive some American citizens for being confused about the character and goals of some Islamic organizations disguised as charities, but don't we expect more from our "intelligence community"? As one wit has already observed following Clapper's testimony, we might as well abolish Clapper's agency and save the taxpayers $40 billion if this is the quality of "intelligence" our policymakers are getting from that bureaucracy.

Clapper's statements, made this past week at the height of the Egyptian crisis, might be excused or explained away if they were an isolated incident. But his statements are part of a pattern of mischaracterizing and underestimating the threat from radical Islam. Clapper's testimony can only be viewed as part of the Obama administration's persistent efforts to "humanize" the Muslim Brotherhood and prepare the ground for a new Islamist-run Egyptian government.